Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Find out if your local food business has a good hygiene rating.

The scheme is run by Runnymede Borough Council in partnership with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as part of a national scheme.

You can view hygiene standards in businesses and make informed choices about where to buy and eat food. The rating is not a guide the business' quality or value.

Visit the FSA website to find your local food businesses Food Hygiene Rating score.

Businesses covered by the scheme

The scheme covers businesses where customers can eat or buy food such as restaurants, takeaways, cafes, sandwich bars, pubs, hotels, supermarkets or other shops.

Businesses are encouraged to display their rating certificate and sticker.

How ratings are calculated

Following a food hygiene inspection by our food safety team, we give the business a rating based on the standards of hygiene at the time. These include:

  • how hygienically the business handles food - safe food preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage
  • the condition of the premise's structure - cleanliness, repair, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
  • the management of the business including the management system and records being in place to make sure food is safe.

We rate the hygiene standards found at the time of inspection on a scale from 0 (urgent improvement is required) to 5 (the hygiene standards are very good).

The rating shows how well the business does overall.

A business may do better in some areas than in others - the rating takes this into account, including areas that need the most improvement.

Rating disclaimer

The scheme is not an endorsement of current standards but reflects the score awarded at the last inspection. It may also take up to 28 days for the new rating to appear on the website after an inspection.

We try to ensure information is correct and meets the FSA's standards.

For more details on the scheme and how it works, visit the FSA website or email


Where an owner disagrees with a food-hygiene rating allocated to their business, Icon for pdf an appeal [220.52KB], preferably in writing, should be made to the Environmental Health and Licensing manager within 21 days of the notification date.

It should set out specific reasons for the disagreement. Appeals received after the time limit will not be considered and the original food hygiene rating will stand.

The Environmental Health and Licensing manager will inform the owner of their decision within seven days of the appeal being made.

More information on appeals can be found Icon for pdf in this document [204.62KB] or by contacting the officer who carried out your inspection.

Requests for re-rating (charges apply)

Where a food-business owner has a rating of between 0 to 4 and they believe necessary improvements have been made to address any non-compliance found by our officers during the latest food-hygiene inspection the owner can make a request for a re-inspection/revisit.

A fee of £153 (out of scope/ zero VAT rated) applies. Re-visits will take place within three months of receiving a completed application and fee.

Icon for pdf Request a revisit form (download, print and return) [166.73KB]