Housing Benefit Accuracy - you've received a review form

The Housing Benefit Award Accuracy is a new initiative from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to ensure awards of Housing Benefit are correct, and that those who are entitled, get the right amount. We might have recently sent you a form to review your entitlement.

The Housing Benefit Award Accuracy initiative is funded by Department for Work & Pensions requiring Runnymede Benefits department to undertake mandated activities to identify unreported changes of circumstances. The mandated activities are:

  • HB Full Case Reviews
  • HB Matching Service referrals, including: - self-employed Earnings Reviews

Full Case Review (FCR)

Starting in October 2020, we will receive part of a list of the top 400,000 Housing Benefit cases identified nationally by risk score. The risk model predicts the probability of you having had a change of circumstances.

Runnymede Borough Council then select the highest scoring cases identified by the DWP risk score.

A FCR means we need you to complete a short claim form and supply all your current details and evidence in order for your Housing Benefit entitlement to be checked and if necessary re-determined.

The easiest way to complete the form and send your evidence, is by scanning and e-mailing it to benefits@runnymede.gov.uk