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Surrey Police and Runnymede Borough Council working together

Runnymede's antisocial behaviour officer has been working with Surrey Police to reassure residents following the string of dawn drug raids that led to 12 arrests in the county.

Leaflets and posters were distributed as part of the on-going investigation that included the Tuesday, 7 November, crackdown.

After the operation, staff from the housing team attended a property in Chertsey with police and bailiffs to carry out an eviction warrant. Action had been taken against the tenant of the property after rent arrears began piling up before the tenant eventually abandoned the house.

A full outright-possession order was granted by Staines County Court following an application by Runnymede Borough Council.

During the process it became known that certain nominals had taken up residency and were causing a nuisance to residents in the area.

The eviction had been scheduled for an earlier date but Surrey Police postponed the action as the property was subject to one of the warrants. The eviction was carried out as planned later that day.

Jenny Tiling, antisocial behaviour officer at Runnymede Borough Council, said:  "We door knocked residents distributing literature, putting up posters and spoke to a few residents in about the issues they had been having."

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