Your rent and other responsibilities

It is your responsibility to make sure your rent and bills are paid on time. You must also tell us of any changes to your circumstances if you receive benefits - this is a legal requirement.

It is your responsibility to make sure your rent is paid on time, even if we pay benefits direct to your landlord or rent account.
An overpayment is where we've paid you (or your landlord) more benefit than you were entitled to. You must tell us if you notice we have paid you too much and we will normally ask you to pay it back.
If you are worried about managing your money or debts you have, help is available.
If you believe someone has committed fraud or given false information for an application for housing or to obtain a discount or exemption from Council Tax (including Council Tax Support) or Business Rates, or you wish to report a fraud against the Council of any other nature, you should report it as soon as possible.

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