You will need to provide proof of all income you receive when you apply for Housing Benefit.


  • Wage slips for last five weeks, three fortnights or two months; or
  • An employer's Certificate of Earnings form (included in the benefit application form) completed by your employer with their stamp; or
  • A detailed letter from your employer on headed paper confirming your gross and net wages and any deductions that are taken.

Self employed earnings

  • Fully audited accounts for the last financial year; or
  • A completed Benefits Service Self Employed form with evidence of your income and expenditure.

Benefits, pensions or allowances from the Department for Work and Pensions

  • A current award letter from the DWP or Pension Service; or
  • Identifiable payments on a recent bank statement.

Private pension

  • A payment advice slip not more than two months old; or
  • A letter from the pension company; or
  • Identifiable payments on a recent bank statement.

Any other income

  • Child maintenance letter from Child Support Agency, ex-partner or court papers
  • Student loans evidence
  • Letters from friends or family who have lent or given you money or continue to give you money
  • Tax Credits award letter from HM Revenue and Customs

Payments to a registered child minder

  • Confirmation that they are a registered child minder, with their registration number; and
  • Evidence of the amounts you pay and their frequency