Moving house

If you are changing address you will need to let us know for Council Tax purposes

You will need to provide the addresses you are moving out of and in to and the date of the move.

If you are a tenant we will need to know the tenancy end date and from whom the property is rented.

If you are an owner we will need to know the date of completion of the sale and to whom the property has been sold. You can notify us of any of these changes using our online form.

If, as a result of your move there is a credit on your Council Tax account, you will need to provide your new address. This will mean that if you are moving within the Borough your credit can be transferred to your account at your new address or if you are moving out of the Borough, a refund can be sent to you.

Moving out of Runnymede

If you are moving out of the borough you will need to tell us and your new local authority.