Bandings and charges

The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on your property's band.

You can find out what band your property is on the Valuation Office Agency website.

The GOV.UK website has details about how domestic properties are assessed for Council Tax bands.

2021/22 Annual Council Tax charges by band:

A: £1,339.49
B: £1,562.74
C: £1,785.99
D: £2,009.24
E: £2,455.74
F: £2,902.24
G: £3,348.73
H: £4,018.48

Where your payments go

Your Council Tax payments for 2021/22 are shared between:
•    us, your local council - we receive 8.69 per cent.
•    Surrey County Council (including Surrey Fire and Rescue) - which receives 77.10 per cent.
•    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (Surrey Police) - which receives 14.21 per cent.
Your payments to us go towards local services including:
•    collecting household waste and recycling
•    street cleaning
•    day centres for the elderly
•    community transport and meals
•    parks
•    CCTV and other measures to keep our borough safe
•    planning and building control.
Your payments to Surrey County Council go towards:
•    education
•    children's and adults' social care
•    libraries
•    fire and rescue
•    Trading Standards
•    public transport
•    roads maintenance.

Surrey County Council's website section on Council Tax has more detail about it's section of your bill.  Your payments to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (Surrey Police) cover policing services across the county. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (Surrey Police) website section on Council Tax has more information.

Explaining the percentage increase

On the Council Tax bill, the increase appears as follows: (The example used here is for a Band D property).

Surrey County Council1410.072.0
Adult Social Care139.010.5
Runnymede B.C.174.592.9
Surrey Police285.575.5


Surrey County Council Adult Social Care precept

On the Council Tax bill for 2021-2022, the Surrey County Council precept figure (the amount of money it raises through Council Tax) is split into two - Surrey County Council and the Adult Social Care precept.

For 2021-2022, the Surrey County Council percentage increases of 2.0% and 0.5% respectively are a percentage of the 2021-2022 combined total, not the individual elements (the figure shown in bold on the table below).

The Surrey County Council's increase, in total, is 2.5%. The amount in pounds of these percentage increases is added to 2020-2021's separate elements to create the charge for 2021-2022.

As the increase for Surrey County Council is 2.5% and Runnymede Borough Council and Surrey Police figures had a lower increase, the overall increase is 3% for 2021-2022.

The table below shows this (the percentages are rounded to two decimal places).

Band D ExampleLast YearPercentage IncreaseAmount of IncreaseThis Year
Surrey County Council (SCC) Main Precept£1,380.00


SCC - Adult Social Care Precept (ASC)£131.46


Surrey County Council Main Prcept + ASC Precept


Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey£270.575.50%£15.00£285.57
Runnymede Borough Council£169.592.90%£5.00£174.59


The Valuation Office Agency sets the property Council Tax bands across the country. If you think your band is wrong you can challenge it.
Every year we ask student households to resubmit their application for Council Tax exemption. You can do this online.