How do I apply to protect a tree(s)?

In order for a Local Planning Authority to make a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) it must be expedient to do so in the interests of public amenity and the health of the tree(s).

A request for a Tree Preservation Order to be placed on trees must be received in writing (either email or letter) and must contain the following information:

  • The species of trees to be protected
  • The number of trees to be protected
  • A plan showing the location of the trees (you may download a map from the Council's Interactive Mapping Service - Maps)
  • Reasons why you consider the tree(s) should be protected

You can also submit the following to support your application to protect tree(s):

  • Photographs of the tree(s) from public viewpoints e.g. A public footpath or the from a road

All requests for TPOs will be assessed against adopted criteria in Policy NE13 of the Runnymede Borough Local Plan.