Building Control: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers and guidance for some of the frequently asked questions regarding Building Control

Planning Control and Building Control are two entirely separate pieces of building law, and require separate applications.
Building control generally operates as a two-stage process, involving the planning stage and the inspection stage.
Building Regulations impose a set of minimum standards on people carrying out certain specified works in or about buildings. They are primarily for the purposes of public health and safety, the conservation of fuel and power and the access and use of buildings.
There are four different Building Regulations options - Full Plans, Building Notice, Regularisation and Reversion
Building Regulations apply to any work that is classed as building work.
Building Regulations are drafted to protect health and safety. In an attempt to reduce the legislative burden for small buildings where there is considered to be no risk to health and safety, some buildings are exempt from the requirements of Building Regulations.
Once you have given a Building Notice or submitted a Full Plans application, you can start work at any time, though you must give the Local Authority a "Notice of Commencement" two days before doing so. However, if you start work before you receive a decision on your Full Plans application you may not be able to seek a "determination" from the Secretary of State if there is a dispute.
The local authority has a general duty to enforce the Building Regulations in its area and will do so by informal means wherever possible.
Normally our enforcement notice will give you 28 days to rectify the building work. If you wish to contest the notice on the grounds that you believe your building work does comply with the Building Regulations, you can advise us that you would like to commission a written report from a suitably qualified person about the compliance of your work with a view to persuading us to withdraw the notice. In this event the 28 day period to rectify the building work is extended to 70 days.

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