What is the difference between Planning and Building Control?

Planning Control and Building Control are two entirely separate pieces of building law, and require separate applications.

The Planning Act deals with the correct use of the land, the appearance of the proposed building and the effect that the development will have on the general environment and neighbouring properties.

Building Regulations deal with the way that the building is constructed e.g. structural stability, fire resistance, weather resistance etc.

Works that require Building Regulation approval include:-

• Erecting or re-erecting a building or part of a building
• Extending a building
• Carrying out external or internal alterations to a building that affect structural, fire safety and disabled provisions
• Converting a roof space
• Recovering roofs or re-clad buildings with different materials
• Carrying out underpinning
• Changing the use of a building or part of a building
• Replacing windows and doors
• Inserting cavity insulation
• Installing unvented hot water systems

Provision, extension or alteration of:-

• Washing and sanitary facilities and fittings
• Sanitary pipework
• Foul and rainwater drainage
• Sewage treatment plants and hearths
• Fuel storage installations
• Hot water storage and controls
• Electrical installations to dwellings

The above is for guidance and is not an exhaustive list. Further advice should also be sought from the Building Control team.

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