Works to protected trees

Applications for works to trees and hedges can be submitted online via the Planning Portal. Please read the validation document before completing the application form and make sure that all the required supporting documents are submitted with your application. All applications are subject to current local, regional and national planning policies.

For applications relating to trees works, a plan of the site based on an up to date Ordnance Survey map is required to be provided. These can be downloaded from Maps and a complete list of all TPOs is also available. The map should clearly show the site and the position of the tree(s) which can be clearly identifiable on the site.

The trees can be annotated as T1, T2, T3 etc if works to a number of trees are proposed. All applications received are viewable for anyone to see on the Council's website and therefore any details submitted with an application should be as clear and concise as possible.

Only details of trees protected by a TPO or in a Conservation Area should be included on application forms, additional trees can be marked on plans but it should be clear which trees are proposed to do works to.

All proposed works to trees (except crown thinning) should be expressed in metres in line with British Standard BS 39998:2010 Tree Works Recommendations, and not percentages.

As part of the application details of the proposed works to the tree(s) are required to be given, in addition to the justification for the works.

The applicant must also make clear how much of the tree is to be removed if pruning is proposed or what branches are proposed to be cut back or removed. If consent is granted it is vital that anyone implementing the consent can readily determine the extent of the works which have been approved without the need to seek further clarification. Annotated photographs can be submitted with the application to aid in the description of proposed works.

If works are being justified on the basis of damage to other structures e.g. pipes, walls etc a report from a suitably qualified person should also be submitted. If these details are not submitted at the time of the application this could hold up the validation of an application.

Further advice about trees can be found at the Arboricultural Association

Application Form for tree works to trees subject to a preservation order (TPO) or in a Conservation Area (Form 31)

And the help text will aid with completion of the form - Form 31 help text

Application form for hedgerow removal notice (Form 21)

And the help text will aid with completion of the form - Form 21 help text

If you are the owner of a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in a Conservation Area and you wish to do works to it because it is dead, you must first provide the Council with written notice including sufficient information.
Ash Die-back Disease is being treated as a quarantine pest under national emergency measures. It is important that suspected cases of the disease are reported to the Forestry Commission.