Local Land Charges - fees and charges

Please note, Runnymede Borough Council's Con29 charges are inclusive of VAT

Runnymede's fees are:

ServiceCostCostResponse time
Residential Search   
LLC1 £45 
CON29 (includes SCC highways fee)


Total Residential Search fee



Up to 5 Working Days

Commercial Search   
LLC1 £45 


Total Commercial Search fee


£285Up to 5 Working Days
Optional enquiry CON 29O£21  
Additional enquiry - note: we cannot accept additional enquiries relating to highways.  These must be submitted direct to the Highway Authority at Surrey County Council.£42  
Extra taxable assessment/parcel of land   
Search in any one part of the register£11  

Document copying fee (legal agreements, decision notices etc.)

Please note, copies of Planning Decision Notices (determined after 1997) can be downloaded  free of charge on our web site by clicking on the link below:

View and object or support an application

Copies of all Planning documents can be obtained by emailing: planning@runnymede.gov.uk, a fee is payable for this service.







Copy search£11  

Cancelling a Search

Please be advised that if you wish to cancel a search request prior to us commencing work on it then a full refund can be given.  However, if we have already started dealing with the search then we will not be able to refund any monies on cancellation.


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