Mediation is a way of helping people explore their problems and aims to help people communicate effectively with other parties in dispute situations.

With the help of trained mediators neighbours get a real chance to address their problems in a non-confrontational, safe and sensitive manner, with the aim of allowing those involved to live side by side more peacefully without fear or loss of quality of life.

Advantages of mediation

  • You remain in complete control of the process
  • Mediators do not take sides
  • Community mediation within Runnymede is free
  • Mediation Surrey, an independent charity, has undertaken mediation within the Borough of Runnymede since 1998.

Think mediation is not for you? Please don't dismiss mediation, see the short video about mediation available on the Mediation Surrey website.

How does it work?

If you are having a problem with your neighbours, you can contact Mediation Surrey directly or through us. With your permission trained mediators will visit you at home to listen to your problems. A similar visit will be made to your neighbours.

If you are both willing, a mediation session with both parties together will be arranged in a private venue. During the session, both sides have a chance to talk without being interrupted. The mediators ensure any anger is safely contained.

Usually an agreement is reached which both parties are willing to accept. The agreement may be written down and signed but it is not legally binding. Over 85% of mediated cases conclude with a positive result.

For more information

Contact us by calling 01932 838383 or email and we can refer you or visit the Mediation Surrey website which contains a number of videos on how the process works.