Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

If your commercial site uses a cooling tower or evaporative condenser you must tell us. They help to remove excess heat from sites and can sometimes be found in large office blocks (e.g. for air conditioning) or in industrial processes where cooling is required.

Most importantly, we will need contact details for the person or people who control access to the premises, so we can get in at any time in the event of an outbreak of legionnaire's disease.

Apply online

You can notify us of new equipment or changes to existing equipment for no charge via the Government's website.

Register of cooling towers and evaporative condensers (last updated 14 October 2019)

The premises that we currently have on the register are:

  • Freyberg House (plot 4)
  • Blenheim House (plot 6)

Icon for pdf Cooling Towers Register [28.4KB]

These are all located at the following address:

Crabtree Office Village
Eversley Way
TW20 8RY