Filthy or verminous premises

Some properties are in such a filthy condition that it is harmful to health, for example if there is rotting food, human or animal excrement inside the property. Verminous properties are infested with vermin including rats, mice, insects or parasites (including their eggs, larvae and pupae).

Filthy or verminous properties often have an accumulation of material that can make access to a premises difficult and may present a physical or fire risk to the occupants or those of adjoining premises.

What the can the council do?

Once we have been made aware of a suspected filthy or verminous property, action can be taken sensitively and normally in partnership with other organisations and services. An Environmental Health Officer will investigate and contact the owner and/or occupier of the property, to offer advice and assistance. Legal notices may be served for owners to clean the filthy premises and to eradicate any vermin.

If notices are not complied with, we can employ contractors to carry out the required works to clean the property and/or eradicate the vermin. Costs incurred would then be recovered from the property owner.

It is not always possible under legislation available to deal with 'cluttered' or untidy houses, rubbish in gardens or overgrown gardens.