Domestic energy

More than 35% of heat can be lost from an uninsulated home through the roof, walls, windows and gaps which can cause draughts. Retaining warmth already in the home will save energy use and reduce spending money on fuel bills. There are various agencies that can help with advice and funding.

For assistance with energy consumption, water consumption and fuel bills you can contact the Energy Saving Trust who will be able to advise whether you qualify for any grants or other financial assistance that may be available to help with the costs of installing energy improvements. To find out more about reducing energy bills, carbon emissions as well as insulation, heating and renewable energy contact the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234 (all you pay for is a national rate call).


A guide for warm and safe homes is available here from NEA Action for warm homes NEA Warm and Safe Homes Action Guide.


Water companies encourage everyone to use water wisely. Saving water can also reduce energy consumption and your bills and makes environmental sense. Affinity Water has information on their website to give hints, tips and advice.

Condensation can collect on surfaces where there is little or no movement of air. This can be prevented by putting less water vapour in the air, stopping it spreading and keeping your home warm and well ventilated. For more information see our page on Preventing condensation.