Antisocial behaviour reporting form

Please note our report form does not require informant details but we may be unable progress reports from anonymous sources. Please see our Privacy Notices for further information on how we handle your data.

Please include as much detail within your report as possible to prevent delays. Suggested information would include, but is not limited to;

  • Offender details if known
  • Behaviour displayed - be specific, a report stating "noise" could be talking / shouting / music / household machinery / vehicles etc
  • Location - offending property or nearest landmark (for open spaces/highways issues) - this helps ensure the correct location is recorded. If you are able, it would be beneficial to use the inbuilt map.
  • When did it occur - including one-off or repeat issue & frequency / duration of incidents.
  • Why is it occurring - are there any contributing factors for the behaviour that you know of