How does the weather affect your collections?

Changes in weather can sometimes affect your recycling and rubbish collections.

Bin lorries can weigh up to 26 tonnes, making them hazardous to drive in icy conditions, and especially so on hills and narrow streets. Moving the bins themselves over snow and ice can also be dangerous and lead to falls. Factors like time of day, duration of snow fall, temperature, and whether the roads have been gritted, can all add to a delayed collection service.

In the event of severe weather we will:

  • attempt to maintain services when it is safe for both staff and members of the public
  • update information on websites and social media pages as soon as possible to keep residents up-to-date
  • empty recycling and refuse bins if missed as soon as it is safe to do so.

General advice during severe weather

  • If possible keep your bins in a sheltered location within your boundary.
  • If bins lids or contents become frozen do not use boiling water, as this will caused further freezing and could damage the bin.
  • Please make sure that your green food waste bin is visible from the road.  In periods of heavy snowfall small containers can become buried and will not be visible.
  • If the contents of your bin are frozen, it may be stuck inside your bin, and may not be emptied when your bin is tipped into our refuse vehicles. This can result in your bin not being emptied. It would be helpful if you could try to prevent your bin from freezing, or loosen the contents of your bin before it's collected.

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