Waste and recycling in flats

Below is our general guidelines for flats that have a council waste collection, however every flat in Runnymede is different so your collection arrangements will depend on how your building is managed and the layout.

The majority of flats in the borough have large recycling bins to recycle their waste. There are however, some flats that don't currently have access to an alternate weekly collection of recycling. We will be working through these flats in the Spring of 2017 to move as many as we can to a fortnightly waste and recycling service.

What can we accept in recycling bins in flats?

Like household bins, we are only able to accept certain items in your recycling bins. We are able to supply residents who live in flats with a more Icon for pdf detailed list [202.53KB] of what cannot be recycled and a specific Icon for pdf flat recycling leaflet [4.01MB] . All recycling should be put in your recycling bin loose (no plastic bags). We are unable to take any recycling that isn't clean and dry. Food waste contaminates the paper and makes it non-recyclable.

Food waste

We are able to collect food waste from flats if there is enough space. If you would like your flat to be considered for a food waste collection please email recycling@runnymede.gov.uk with your address details and managing agent/resident association contact details.

Misuse of flat recycling bins

If you live in a flat which has recycling bins and they are often not emptied due to non-recyclable items please contact us by emailing recycling@runnymede.gov.uk. We are happy to provide residents with more information about what can and cannot be included in your recycling bins and discuss an action plan with your managing agent or resident association.

Landlords, managing agents and resident associations

If you are a landlord, management company or resident association and you have queries regarding recycling in flats please contact us to discuss further. We are happy to meet on site to discuss how we can improve bin provisions on site, educate residents and introduce recycling.

Introducing recycling to flats

If your flat does not have recycling and you would like it please email recycling@runnymede.gov.uk with your address details and the contact details of your managing agent/residents association. We would like to introduce a recycling service to all flats in Runnymede and are happy to liaise with managing agents to ensure the introduction is as informative as possible for residents.

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