Student waste and recycling

Are you a student in the borough? Make sure you are up to date with how you can dispose and recycle your waste in Runnymede.

All houses in Runnymede should have:

  • A blue-lidded bin for recycling cans, paper, glass, plastic packaging (pots, tubs and trays) and cardboard
  • A black bin for general rubbish
  • A green caddy for food waste

Your bins are emptied on a fortnightly collection which means recycling one week and rubbish the next. We collect food waste each week which is more hygienic (and less smelly) than putting food in your general rubbish bin.

To check when your collection day is please visit My Runnymede and enter your postcode. Please also check our Icon for pdf Collection Calendar [28.26KB] so you put the right bin out. It is your responsibility to ensure your bin is on the boundary by 6am (we would suggest putting it out the night before) as our bin men start very early. If your bin is not on the boundary at this time it will not be emptied and we will not return for it.

All bins must returned nearer your property once we have emptied them. Any bins left on the kerbside can cause a public nuisance and block the pavement for other residents.

What can I put in my recycling bins?

All recycling must be clean, dry and loose inside the bin. For more information on what we can accept please see our Icon for pdf Student Recycling leaflet [1.26MB].

There are certain items that we are unable to accept in your recycling bins and if they are put inside your blue-lidded bin we will be unable to empty it. These include:

  • Plastic bags of any kind (including pasta bags, rice bags, sandwich bags, bin bags and carrier bags)
  • Food waste - this needs to be in your food waste caddy
  • Polystyrene (including takeaway food containers)
  • Metal items such as saucepans, clothes airers and cutlery
  • Thin plastics - bubble wrap, thin polythene wrap (often around magazines), crisp packets or sweet wrappers
  • Takeaway pizza boxes

I am missing one of my bins how can I get one?

If you do not have a rubbish bin or recycling bin then you will need to pay for a new one. We would suggest that your landlord pays as it remains at the property.  They will need to ring our customer services team on 0800 052 0067. We do not collect rubbish if it is not contained in a bin.

Food waste caddies are available to pick up from the Community Wellbeing team at the Royal Holloway University or Egham Library.

Our bins keep filling up, can we get an additional bin?

Waste bins - Only houses of six or more residents can apply for a larger waste bin (one-off costs do apply). If you are a student and in a rented property we would suggest that your landlord pays for the larger bin as it will remain at the property after you have left. To order a larger bin please ring our customer services department on 0800 052 0067 and you will need to provide proof of how many residents are in the property.

Recycling bins - Any property can have a larger or additional recycling bin if they would like one. Small one-off costs for delivery do apply, please ring our customer services department for more information on 0800 052 0067.

I have excess waste, what do we do with it?

We are unable to take excess waste not contained inside your waste bin. If you do have excess waste you will need to take it to Lyne Lane Community Recycling Centre (tip) where you can dispose of it for free. Proof of residency in Surrey may be necessary so please take a utility bill with you with your address.  We can potentially issue Fixed Penalty Notices for excess waste if it remains on a property for a significant amount of time so please remove excess waste quickly before it builds up.

If you don't have access to car and cannot get to Lyne Lane Community Recycling Centre then we are able to offer chargeable one-off clearances of black bag waste. The cost depends on the number of bags you have that don't fit in your refuse bin. Please ring our customer services team on 0800 052 0067 and they will be able to give you a quote and arrange a clearance with you.

We have five residents in our house and already have a larger recycling bin but are still struggling with excess waste. What can we do?

We would suggest that you pick up a food waste caddy from either the Community Wellbeing Office at the Royal Holloway University or Egham Library. We will collect your food waste weekly and it is less smelly than keeping it in your waste bin for two weeks. This should free up extra capacity in your waste bin. Please don't put food loose in your food waste caddy. Instead you can buy cheap pedal bin liners or use food packaging bags (bread bags, pasta bags, sandwich bags etc) - no black bags please.

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