Street cleaning

Our street cleaning service includes road sweeping, clearing leaves, litter picking, emptying dog and litter bins, clearing dog foul, removing dead animals and graffiti removal.

Our street cleaning crews work seven days a week cleaning our borough. If you notice an area that is in need of cleaning or litter bins that are overflowing please report it to us by email or calling 01932 838383.

Road sweeping

We are responsible for road sweeping and clearing leaves in certain areas of the borough, however, this does not include major trunk roads and privately-owned property or land. Leaf clearance takes place across between November and December each year. You can report any problem areas by email or calling 01932 838383..

Dead animals

We remove dead animals from the public highway, roads and foot paths, but not privately owned land. You can report a dead animal using our online form.

Dog foul

We are responsible for removing dog foul from footpaths and emptying dog waste bins within the borough. If you notice an overflowing dog bin please email or call 01932 838383 to report it immediately.

It is an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 not to clear up immediately after your dog has fouled. Dog waste should be bagged and placed in dog waste bins. If there isn't a dog waste bin nearby, you can place dog waste in a litter bin as long as it's bagged, or take it home with you and place in your rubbish bin.


You can report graffiti on both domestic and commercial properties and we will remove it for free.