On street parking enforcement

Our civil enforcement officers regularly patrol all parking restricted areas of the Borough and issue penalty charge notices to violators. This reduces dangerous parking, improves traffic flow and helps to keep designated disabled parking bays available for those who need them.

To avoid a parking ticket:

  • check the signs and lines where you park
  • park within a permitted bay and make sure the whole vehicle is in the bay
  • don't park on a single or double yellow line because other people have
  • yellow lines and limited waiting bays apply on bank holidays too unless a sign indicates otherwise
  • don't assume you can stop for a short time
  • don't park beside a dropped kerb
  • don't park where the road has been raised for pedestrians to cross or where there is tactile paving - this is to help people who can't see well cross the road.
  • Parking restrictions, orders and plans are available to check.

Penalty charges

The person who owns the vehicle is responsible for all unpaid penalty charges. Penalty charges can now be issued at two levels:

  • £70 for serious contraventions e.g. parking on yellow lines, on the markings outside of schools or in a disabled person's bay when not a disabled badge holder
  • £50 for less serious contraventions e.g. waiting for longer than permitted in a restricted waiting bay or parking after the time paid for in a pay and display car park.

If you pay penalty charges within 14 days of issue you will get a 50% reduction.

Please note: Details of penalty charge notices will not show on the council's system on the day of issue. Please wait until the following day, after 9am, before trying to pay a notice.

Challenging a parking fine

If you receive a parking ticket (penalty charge notice) and want to challenge it, you should follow the instructions on the back of the notice. Do not pay the charge at that stage. (If the charge is paid the case will be closed.)

If you don't pay on time

If you don't pay your fine within 28 days we will issue you with a 'notice to owner'. If you wish to appeal this, details are on the notice and you must do so within 28 days.

If you don't pay your fine within 28 days of the notice to owner being issued, a charge certificate will be issued to increase the penalty.

If you still don't pay then we will register this penalty as a debt, which will incur an additional charge. We will then take action to recover the outstanding charges using enforcement agents who are also able to add their recovery fees.


You have the right to appeal either in person or in writing, to an independent adjudicator who will consider the evidence and decide whether the charge must be paid. For more information email parking@runnymede.gov.uk or visit the traffic penalty tribunal website.   

Further information on all aspects of civil parking enforcement is available from Parking Penalties and Appeals. Know Your Parking Rights is a website within further information.