Renumbering properties or changing a street name

Residents living in a street can request that it's renamed or renumbered.

Changing a street name or renumbering all properties can cause a great deal of inconvenience for residents and some temporary confusion for visitors and those making deliveries. Therefore we are reluctant to make changes without good reason.

We will only consider requests where:

  • the name or the numbering is causing confusion for the emergency services or Royal Mail
  • the sub-division or construction of properties in a street leads to a confused numbering scheme
  • at least two thirds of the residents support the changes.

The renaming and renumbering of a street involves a legal process and any resident who objects to the proposal has the right of appeal to a Magistrates Court. This process can be time consuming and the residents requesting the changes will need to cover the costs. These costs will depend on the individual circumstances of each request. We will not normally charge for renumbering if there are no appeals.