Hackney Carriage, Private Hire and Operator Licensing forms

Please ensure you complete these forms accurately and in full. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected.

When completing your forms please ensure that they are fully completed and signed. When you submit the form please ensure that any documentation which is required accompanies your form.

We aim to issue licences and book vehicles in for platings as soon as we possibly can but if your forms are not complete or have missing documentation this will inevitably lead to delays.

Please take note that if you are renewing your hackney carriage / private hire drivers licence or your hackney carriage / private hire vehicle licence you should aim to submit your application around 2 weeks before expiry.

If you do not submit your drivers renewal until after your existing licence has expired you will have to apply as a new driver, you will not be licensed in the meantime and will not be able to work until you receive a new licence.