Temporary Events Notice

A Temporary Events Notice (TEN) may be required for licensable activities to take place at an event with fewer than 500 attendees, lasting no more than seven days.

COVID-19 - Advice for event organisers on gatherings such as entertainment events

National lockdown: Stay at Home

England is now in national lockdown which means you should stay at home except for limited reasons for information visit GOV.UK National Lockdown Stay Home.

Post national lockdown when national restrictions are in place, gatherings of more of 30 people for activities such as entertainment, are not allowed. When national restrictions are lifted, Local COVID Alert Levels (Medium, High, Very High) will apply to local authority areas and entertainment events are allowed following strict guidelines. For details of the current restrictions please go to gov.uk/coronavirus and Surrey's Local COVID Alert Levels can be found at surreycc.gov.uk/people-and-community/emergency-planning-and-community-safety/coronavirus/alert-levels-and-local-outbreak-plan

Organised events, such as entertainment, for gatherings of more than 30 people will need to:

  • Be organised by a business, charitable, benevolent or philanthropic institution, a public body, or a political body

  • Have a COVID-19 risk assessment

  • Have adequate COVID-19 secure arrangements in place following government guidance

To meet these requirements, you as the event organiser will need to carry out a suitable COVID-19 risk assessment for your event. Please see the Health and Safety Executive web page at: hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/working-safely/ for guidance and information on how to do this.

Further sector advice is available at gov.uk/coronavirus and on the Events Industry Forum website at eventsindustryforum.co.uk/

You as the event organisers must prepare the COVID-19 risk assessment as part of planning your event, and then implement and manage it for the duration of your event. You must make your COVOD-19 risk assessment readily available upon request by an authorised officer of the Council. A checklist has been developed to guide you through the COVID-19 secure arrangements that need to be in place for an event. This checklist should also be completed and signed off by you as part of your event application. The checklist is at surreycc.gov.uk/people-and-community/emergency-planning-and-community-safety/coronavirus/coronavirus-support-for-businesses/help-for-businesses

As a significant public safety issue of concern, you should send a copy of your risk assessment and the checklist with any application or notification you make. We may review your risk assessment and give feed-back. The Council will not sign off your event.

If you do not send a suitable COVID-19 risk assessment and checklist with your application or any element of the risk assessment or associated controls do not meet current Coronavirus law or guidance, your application and event will likely:

1) attract objections; and / or

2) be referred for review by the Director of Public Health (who may direct the closure, cessation and prevention of activities that may affect public health).

This may result in your application being refused and/or the event not being allowed to go ahead.

In the event of an increase in the local COVID-19 infection rates, it is possible that events that have already been agreed may be subject to suspension and / or cancellation.

The event organiser will be solely liable for all financial and other liabilities incurred because of a suspension and / or cancellation resulting from an increase in the COVID-19 infection.


Icon for pdf Temporary Event Notice application form [286.68KB]Details of planned Temporary Events Notice are published on this website, this list is updated regularlyIcon for pdf Temporary Event Notices register [68.96KB]

Certain types of entertainment have been deregulated and are no longer classed as 'licensable activities', if the activity takes place between 8am and 11pm and there are fewer than 500 people attending, including staff and performers.

You will still require a Temporary Events Notice if you intend to:

  • sell alcohol;
  • supply alcohol at a club;
  • supply late night refreshments such as warm food or drink between 11pm and 8am; or
  • provide entertainment between 11pm and 8am.

A premise can hold a maximum of 15 events or 21 days of events per calendar year. For alcohol, a non-personal licence holder can have no more than five events per calendar year, and a Personal Licence holder is restricted to 50.

Incidental music is ancillary to another activity which does not need an entertainment licence - for example, background music in a restaurant.

We have produced a short Icon for pdf TEN guide [102.04KB] to assist you through the process.

For a fuller explanation of TENs you can look at the Section 182 guidance published by the Government. This explains the finer points of TENS.

Apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN)

You should make sure we receive your application at least ten working days prior to an event. Alternatively you can apply for a Late Temporary Event Notice at least five working days prior to the event. Should you not give sufficient notice of the event then your application will be rejected.

Our advice is that you submit your TEN with as much notice as possible, it can be months ahead, there is no limit on how far in advance you can make the application.

The quickest and easiest way to apply is using the GOV.UK application form. This allows you to make payment (£21) online and the application will be sent to the Licensing Team, the Police and Environmental Health for you.

You can also apply by printing and completing the Temporary Event Notice  and sending it with payment to the Council. However please note that if you submit your TEN in this way it is your responsibility  to send copies to the Police and Environmental Health, if you do not do this your TEN may be rejected. Please ensure they are given sufficient notice i.e. ten working days or five working days in the case of a Late Temporary Event Notice. We can only accept your application once payment has been received.  See Responsible authorities for postal addresses.

An application may be rejected on the grounds of any of the four licensing objectives. Furthermore, if the applicant or the premise exceed the maximum allowance of events per year.

If you have any queries about the requirements for a Temporary Event Notice, please email licensing@runnymede.gov.uk or call 01932 425711.