Late night refreshments

Late night refreshment is the supply of hot food or drink to the public, for consumption on or off the premises, between 11pm and 5am. This includes takeaways, fast food and mobile catering vehicles. You normally need a premises licence to provide these.

If alcohol is also served at the premises, one premises licences and certificates could be issued covering both.


You are not regarded as serving late-night refreshment if you only supply people who are:

  • members of a recognised club
  • staying at a hotel, guest house, hostel, caravan site or other overnight accommodation
  • employees of a particular employer
  • engaged in a special trade or profession
  • attending a public exhibition at the premises.
  • In addition, the following hot food and drink supplies are exempt:
  • hot drinks containing alcohol (although you would require a licence to sell alcohol for this)
  • hot drinks from vending machines
  • hot food or drink provided free
  • hot food or drink provided by a registered charity
  • hot food or drink supplied by a moving vehicle.