Scrap metal site and collectors' licences

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came fully into force on 1 December 2013. The new legislation requires that anyone collecting or selling scrap in the borough has a Scrap Metal Dealer Licence issued by us. This page provides information on the Act, including an application form for a licence.

Fees for licences in Runnymede

  • Scrap Metal Dealer's Site Licence: £356 (licence lasts for three years)
  • Scrap Metal Collector's Licence: £227 (licence lasts for three years)

Summary of new legislation

  • There is an enhanced licence application process, including consultation with the Police and Environment Agency.
  • There will be two categories of licence:
    a.    a site licence (which can cover multiple sites within our area)
    b.    a collector's licence (separate licences will be required for each council area 
            where collections take place)
  • Councils now have the power to refuse or revoke licences or impose conditions where appropriate, subject to the right of dealers to make representations first (these are limited to times of operation and a requirement that metal will be kept in its original form for minimum of 72 hours).
  • Licences must be displayed at sites or on collectors' vehicles where they can be read by the public.
  • Sellers must produce personal ID at the point of sale.
  • No cash purchases of scrap metal are allowed in any circumstances.
  • Motor salvage operators are classed as scrap metal dealers.
  • The police and councils have powers to inspect sites.
  • There is a central online register of licences held by the Environment Agency.
  • Fees are set locally.
  • Closure Notices can be issued by the police or councils for unlicensed sites, and Closure Orders can be issued by magistrates' courts if sites are still used as such after seven days.
  • There is Statutory Guidance for licensing authorities to accompany the legislation. You can also read a fuller explanation of the Act.

How to apply

To apply for a licence, please send your completed Icon for pdf Application for Scrap Metal Licence [213.81KB] and payment to us. Note - all applicants must provide a Basic Disclosure Certificate, this can be obtained from the disclosure website.