Gaming machines

We can grant permits to regulate gaming machines for premises which provide a gambling facility, without gambling being the main function of the premises.

Who can apply for a Gaming Machine Permit?
Premises with a licence for consumption of alcohol, which contain a bar where alcohol is served, but without a requirement that alcohol is served only with food, can apply.

What does the permit entitle me to?
There is an automatic entitlement to two machines of category C or D. This is subject to you notifying the licensing authority in writing of your wish to use this entitlement, paying the prescribed fee of £50 and complying with any relevant code of practice from the Gambling Commission. There is no annual fee, but if your alcohol licence is transferred to other premises, a new written notification is necessary along with a further £50 fee.

Is there an annual fee?
For two or fewer machines, there is no annual fee. For more than two machines, there is an annual fee of £50.

How do I apply?
You can download an application form, which contains further guidance and information. Please send a copy of a completed form, along with the fee, to our licensing team.



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