DVLA licence checks

Driving licence checks are now carried out online. We aim to keep this process as simple as possible.

This involves you going online https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence to look at your driving licence record and then allowing the council to view your record by giving us a check code generated by the DVLA - this code is then valid for 21 days.

In most cases the information contained on your online licence record will be acceptable and where we need any clarification around your driving licence history we can submit a detailed application stating exactly what information is needed along with your consent. I expect this type of enquiry to be very rare.

For you as a driver this means you will no longer have to pay the £5 fee which DVLA charged for the mandate check or the £8 processing charge (unless we have to submit a detailed request for more information).

When making your renewal application enter the DVLA check access code obtained from the online DVLA Shared Driving Licence service to allow the licensing authority to check the your driving record. Please note that the code you obtain will be in both upper case and lower case and you must copy it exactly as given on to the application form. Our forms have been amended for this purpose (should you have an old form just write the check access code clearly on the form).

If your DVLA check is due and does not coincide with a renewal we will contact you to obtain a check code from you, this can be done in very little time by e mail or text.

We aim to keep this process as simple as possible but if we find that it is becoming time consuming due to lack of  response from the trade then it will obviously affect your fees so please act promptly when we make these requests.