Our Publication Scheme

Who we are and what we do

Information is provided on our organisation, locations, contacts, constitutional and legal governance. These can be found in:

Council's Constitution
Know Your CouncillorsElection Results
Icon for pdf Opening times of all our properties [24.72KB]Council Services
Relationship with other authoritiesRunnymede facts and figures
Icon for pdf Organisational Chart June 2020 [423.14KB]Icon for pdf Organisational Chart Top Three Tiers [69.52KB]

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information is provided which relate to our projected and actual income and spend, from tendering, procurement and contracts. These can be found in:

Councillors' allowancesExpenditure over £500
Election expenses Capital programme expenditure plans
Grant Aid PaymentsFunding for Partnership arrangements
Finance ReportsThe Council's Internal Financial Regulations can be found on page 250 of Icon for pdf the constitution [2.96MB]
Procurement and PurchasingStaff Allowances

Senior salaries

Purchase Orders and Contracts
Public Contracts Regulations Data 

What our priorities are and how we are doing

These are our strategy and performance documents, business plans, assessments, inspections and reviews that tells you what our priorities are and how we are performing.

Audit reports and inspection letters
Strategies and plansPerformance management
Consultation and feedback 

How we make decisions

You can find our decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures and consultations.

Petitions/E-PetitionsCouncil and Committee meetings - Agendas and Minutes
Information on becoming a CouncillorConsultation and feedback
Decision making processIcon for pdf Committee Structure 202021 [60.58KB]
Icon for pdf Guidelines on how decisions are made [175.96KB]Voting Procedures
Polling Stations

Our policies and procedures theme

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering the Council's services and responsibilities.

Pay Policy StatementEquality Policy
Procedure for handling information requestsComments, complaints and compliments
Health and Safety PolicyPolicies and Procedures about the recruitment of staff
Procedure for handling information requestsCharging regimes and policies are available in our Budget Information documents under Fees and Charges

Lists and Registers

You can find information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to functions of the authority.

Business rates accountsSafer Runnymede Camera locations
Icon for pdf Public Health Funerals Register [193.47KB]List of Public Registers
Icon for pdf Capital Asset Register [177.77KB]Contracts Register
Declarations of Interests can be found on individual Councillors pagesDeclaration of Interests - Senior Officers
Register of Gifts and HospitalityRegister of Electors
Taxi DriversTaxi Vehicles
Icon for pdf Taxi Licence Register [132.4KB]Icon for pdf Animal Boarding Register [120.45KB]
Icon for pdf Selling Animals as Pets Register [120.45KB]Icon for pdf Hiring out Horses Register [120.45KB]
Icon for pdf Acupuncture, Tattooing and Skin Piercing Register [112.51KB]Icon for pdf Public register Premises licences [128.74KB]
Icon for pdf Sex Entertainment Venues Register [57.3KB]Icon for pdf Temporary Event Notice Register [86.48KB]
Icon for pdf Public Register Club Premises Certificates [80.19KB]Icon for pdf Cooling Towers Register [28.4KB]
Mobile Homes RegisterEnvironmental permits: Register of Icon for pdf A1 and A2 processes [100.4KB] and Register of Icon for pdf Part B processes [137.11KB] in Runnymede
Icon for pdf Contaminated Land Register [17.73KB]Food Business Register
Icon for pdf Zoos Licence Register [27.27KB]Icon for pdf Houses in Multiple Occupation [288.49KB]
Icon for pdf Dog Breeders Register [120.45KB] 

The services we offer

You can find advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases and a description of the services we offer.

Council services and responsibilities 


Council NewsPublic Service Agreements
Equality Impact AssessmentsMayor's Diary
Impact AssessmentsCar Parks
Council Tax bandings and chargesIcon for pdf Workforce Monitoring 2015 [494.61KB]
Working for usTransparency Code Documents