Runnymede Borough Council welcomes petitions from anyone who lives, works or studies in Runnymede. Petitions are one way that people can let us know their concerns.

Petitions inform debate and can have positive outcomes that lead to change. For example, they can bring an issue to our attention for us to consider or they can demonstrate strong public approval or disapproval to something that we are doing or proposing to do. How we deal with petitions is set out in our Constitution.

You can post your petition to us or create and submit an e-petition.

If your petition relates to an issue dealt with by Surrey County Council please visit the Surrey County Council Website.

To view or sign any current e-petition, or to view a response to any completed petition.

Our e-petitions site is hosted by mysociety.

mySociety builds websites which give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives. It is strictly politically neutral and is run by a registered charity, UKCOD (no.1076346). mySociety's role was in designing and building the petition software to be as easy to use, as transparent and as trustworthy as possible.

If you want to sign a petition you will be asked to click on a link to verify your email address so that your name can be added to the list of signers. If your name does not appear on the list of signers on our website it means that you have not clicked on that link. Please contact us if you need assistance.


Privacy Information

When you create or sign a petition on line this means you are opting in to have the name you have given us to appear on our website. If you do not want your name published please contact us. Your email will not be published, and is collected only to confirm your account and to keep you informed of response to a petition. The total number of signatories is disclosed to the Officer(s) dealing with the petition but a list of names is not given to them. The Officer would have the same access as Councilllors and members of the public to the list of names on our website which is hosted by My Society.  This is a link to their Privacy Policy.  Our privacy statement can be found at the base of this page.


We welcome petitions and e-petitions from all people including those aged under 18 who are resident, working or studying in Runnymede, recognising that petitions are one way in which you can let us know about Council matters that are important to you. If you would like to submit a petition please use the petition form on our website because we are not notified of petitions made and being hosted by any other organisation

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