Petitions and e-petitions: Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about submitting a petition to the Council.

If you are unable to create a petition online or prefer to collect signatures in person, you can submit a petition by post to Corporate Head of Law and Governance.
Petitions with fewer than 50 signatures will be sent as a normal piece of correspondence to the relevant department for a response.
All petitions sent to Runnymede Council will receive an acknowledgement from the Petitions Officer within 10 working days of receipt. If you have submitted an e-petition you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail, otherwise it will be by post. This acknowledgement will set out what we plan to do with the petition. Please be aware that submitting a petition does not automatically guarantee that the subject of the petition will be acted upon.
Petitions with 50 or more signatures will be considered, 750 or more signatures for a senior member of staff to give evidence at a public meeting of the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Select Committee and 1,500 signatures for a debate at full Council. The Council or senior member of staff will consider the petition and decide whether to take the requested action. Upon achieving the required number of signatures the matter will be considered at the next full Council meeting.
It may take up to five working days before it is published online. This is because we have to check that the content of your petition is suitable and/or is something that we can accept a petition about in accordance with the Petitions scheme before it is made available for signature.