Can I attend the meeting when my petition is discussed?

If the petition contains more than 1,500 signatures the lead petitioner or spokesperson for the petition will be invited to attend the full Council meeting. They may speak to the Council meeting about the petition for up to five minutes. The petition will be discussed for a maximum of 15 minutes and may be referred without discussion to the next appropriate meeting of a relevant Committee for a report on what action should be taken, or a response may be made at the meeting. If the petition is referred to a future meeting, we will let you know when that meeting will be.

If your petition contains 750 signatures and requires a senior member of staff to give evidence at the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Select Committee you may attend. However, only Committee Councillors will ask the questions at the meeting, but you will be able to suggest questions to the Chairman of the Committee by contacting Democratic Services up to three working days before the meeting.

If you are not a petition organiser you may still attend the meeting at which the petition is discussed, but you would not be able to speak.

If your petition contains less than 1,500 signatures, you may ask a Councillor to present a petition at full Council on your behalf. In such cases the petition will not be debated but referred for consideration by the appropriate Council committee.