Comments, complaints and compliments

Runnymede Borough Council recognises the importance of providing an excellent service to every member of our community. A core part of this is an open, responsive approach to feedback and complaints.

Our Icon for pdf Customer Charter [66.36KB] explains what our residents should expect from us.

Appeals, 'report it' and service requests

We regard service requests to be different from complaints.  Complaints and service requests are logged and reviewed accordingly to make sure our service delivery is of a high standard.

If you are making a service request for example to report a missed bin, please use the 'report it' tab at the top of this page where a number of service areas are covered.  Please check the following list for different procedures to follow depending on what it is you want to do:

Council Tax banding appeal
Environmental Information Regulations Internal Review
Freedom of Information Internal Review
Homelessness and Housing Register appeals 
Object to a Planning application
Parking Penalty Charge Notices
Planning Enforcement Request
Problems with neighbours
Representations and Reviews under the Licensing Act 2003

If you wish to appeal against a Statutory notice or decision, details of how to appeal should be included on the notice you received.  If not, please contact the relevant Council Service who will be able to help you.


We recognise that, sometimes, we do not always meet the high standards we set ourselves. Your comments are important during these times as they help us to identify why things have not gone well and how we can improve in the future. 
We regard complaints as an expression of dissatisfaction about a Council service (whether the service is provided directly by us or by one of our partners/contractors) which requires a response.  If you feel something has gone wrong, we encourage you to try to resolve matters with the person you have been dealing with first.  Your complaint will be dealt with fairly and impartially and as promptly as possible.  We aim to respond fully to complaints within 10 working days of receipt by the relevant staff who will keep you updated if that isn't possible.  Please note that in the current Covid 19 situation a significant number of our staff have been redeployed to supporting our most vulnerable residents.  Therefore, all but the most urgent complaints can be subject to delay.  If your complaint is urgent please let us know.

If you cannot find what you want to complain about please use our general complaint form which will be forwarded to the relevant Council Service but we urge you to please contact the service department first. 

If you have been through all stages of our Icon for pdf Complaints procedure [131.45KB] and are still unhappy, you can ask the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman to review your complaint.

The Ombudsman investigates complaints in a fair and independent way - it does not take sides. It is a free service.

The Ombudsman expects you to have given us an opportunity to deal with your complaint, before you involve them. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable time, the Ombudsman may decide to look into your complaint anyway. This is usually up to 12 weeks but can be longer for some more complex complaints and/or those that follow a statutory process.

Please note that a council does not need the complainant's consent to share information with the Ombudsman when responding to its enquiries about a complaint.  This is because the statutory powers given to the Ombudsman by The Local Government Act 1974 enables them to receive any information which is relevant to the case investigation, no matter from whom.  The GDPR does not require consent when an organisation is carrying out a statutory function.

However, we have been advised by the Ombudsman that "In line with government guidance, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is not currently accepting new complaints. They will accept complaints again when the situation improves and government guidance changes. You can find the most up-to-date information at or by listening to the recorded message on 01932 838383."

Complaints regarding Council and social housing matters should be referred to the Housing Ombudsman Service.  They have produced a useful factsheet so that you can check which is the appropriate place to send your complaint.

Complaints about councils' nationality checking services can also be directed to the Office of the Immigration Service.

The vast majority of complaints can be resolved quickly, through our complaints procedure or through investigation by the Ombudsman once they have been through our internal complaints procedure.  However, a small number of people may still be dissatisfied with the outcome of this process, or with the process itself, and continue pursuing the matter.  If we consider a persistent complaint of this kind to be unreasonable, we'll follow our Icon for pdf Vexatious complaints [50.77KB] procedure for such matters.  We review our procedures regularly to make sure they are up to date and working properly.

Complaints and Compliments about Councillors
Complaints against Councillors and co-opted Members must be referred to the Council's Monitoring Officer, Mario Leo.  You can find out how to do this in our Icon for xml Constitution [6.46MB]


If you have been impressed by the services we have provided for you or if you feel any of our staff have excelled in their duties, we would like to hear from you.  Please use our customer feedback form and we will pass your comments to the people responsible so that they will know you appreciate their efforts.  You can also use this form to make suggestions for improving the way we work.

Complaints and compliments are regularly reported to the Standards and Audit Committee.  The Committee is interested in all the feedback we get, positive and negative so that trends can be identified, lessons learned and good practice shared.

How to submit feedback about the website

A website feedback form is available.

Online Customer feedback form.
General complaint form.
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