Elections and Voting: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find the answer to your question please contact Electoral Services.

No. You will be asked your name and address by the polling station staff before you are allowed to vote.
You can arrange a postal vote for the following periods: permanently (until you advise us otherwise); for a certain election; or for a defined period. If you would like to confirm your postal vote arrangements, please contact Electoral Services.
The postal vote can be sent to any address you supply at the time of application. It is your responsibility to ensure that Runnymede Borough Council receives the postal vote by 10pm on polling day. If you are already registered for a postal vote and you would like to change the address your postal vote will be sent to, you will need to provide a reason to have your postal vote re-directed.
We update the electoral register at the beginning of the month from December to September. Depending on when you submit your application the process will take between two and six weeks.
No. The Council Tax register and the electoral register are two separate registers. The Electoral Registration Officer is not permitted to take names from the Council Tax register and put them on the electoral register and vice versa.
You can cancel your postal vote up to 5pm, on the eleventh day before an election. If you do not cancel before this deadline you can only vote by using your postal ballet paper. However, you can hand deliver your postal pack to the polling station before 10pm on the day of the election.
You can still vote, because the question to the elector at polling stations is "are you the person on the register shown as ...". You need to advise Electoral Services of the change in writing, as your signature is required. Your amended details will be included on the monthly update of the electoral register.
You should register to vote at your new address. If it is too late to do this before the next election you can still vote by going to your old polling station (shown on the poll card).
If you have not informed us of your previous address you could be registered twice. Please return your poll card showing your old address to the Electoral Services office as soon as possible with correspondence advising of your move and new address. Please note it is an offence to vote twice in the same election.
Yes. We need to confirm that the details we hold are correct and that no further changes have been made. Anyone that has moved out will need to be removed.