Community Resilience Groups

Community Resilience Groups are a way voluntarily support can be provided to your local community to plan for how it manages in the event of an emergency.

Many communities already spontaneously help one another in times of need, but previous experience has shown that those who have spent time planning and preparing for this are better able to cope, and recover more quickly. This activity is most successful when in partnership with local emergency response agencies, including local authorities. Recovering from an emergency can be a complex and long-running process but by building on existing local relationships and networks, using local knowledge and preparing for risks, your community will be better equipped to recover in the long-term.

We work closely with our partner agencies to help local community members who give up their time to make their areas more resilient. We assist groups to identify their local risks and ensure their plans complement those of responding agencies.

Community Resilience Groups in Runnymede

Runnymede Borough Council and its partners currently work with the following groups in the area who have, or a developing, community resilience plans:

•Eastworth Road - Chertsey

•Simmons Place - Staines

•Green Lane - Egham Hythe

•Penton Park - Chertsey

•Laleham Reach - Chertsey

•Hamm Court - Woburn Hill

•Blackett Close - Egham Hythe

•Thorpe Lea and Egham Hythe