Community resilience

Local agencies and the emergency services are committed to supporting communities during emergency incidents. However, it is helpful if you can support us by being prepared and have your own plan for coping during a flood, severe weather or flu pandemic.

Community Resilience Groups are a way voluntarily support can be provided to your local community to plan for how it manages in the event of an emergency.
As part of ongoing efforts to become more resilient to the threat of flooding, Runnymede Borough Council has a policy for the distribution of sandbags to residents. After considering the many variables of any given situation, we will make an assessment about when it is effective to support very localised issues and when a Community Sandbag Distribution Centre might provide more effective support. A Community Sandbag Distribution Centre (CSDC) would only be considered for major incidents.
If your home or business is at risk of flooding, you should make sure you have your own personal flood plan. Flooding can become a serious problem faster than you'd think, so don't leave this until it actually happens as you will not have time.