From 1 December 2014 how will Runnymede Borough Council calculate the 'Vacant Building Credit' to developments that are required to provide affordable housing?

Local Planning Authorities are now guided to apply affordable housing contributions only on the net increase in floorspace.

Runnymede BC will therefore apply the 40% Local Plan requirement to the total number of residential units proposed and then reduce that requirement by a percentage equivalent to the percentage increase of floorspace (GIA). E.g. If 75% of the proposed floorspace is already existing (as vacant buildings) then only 25% of the Local Plan derived calculated affordable housing provision will be sought.

Planning Permission is sought for a development of 200 houses, with a proposed floorspace of 30,000 sqm on a site currently occupied by 10,000 sqm of vacant buildings.

The Runnymede Local Plan requires 40% of new houses on this site to be Affordable, ie. a provision of 80 units.

33.33% (10,000sqm) of the proposed floorspace (30,000 sqm) is already existing (as vacant buildings) and therefore only 66.66% of the provision (80) will be sought.  Therefore the requirement of affordable housing would be 66.66% of 80, 53 affordable units.