Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings (policy documents and guidance)

We have seven designated areas of special architectural or historic interest that are protected with conservation area status.

Further details about the designation of these areas and maps showing the extent of the conservation areas can be found on our Conservation Areas and reviews page and on Maps.

If you live in a conservation area and you want to demolish a building or structure such as a wall you may need planning permission.

The Governments new Planning Policy Guidance provides detailed information in the section Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment which may be viewed at the following link:Planning Guidance - Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment

Listed buildings

A listed building is a building, object or structure that has been judged to be of architectural or historic interest. Buildings are graded as Grade I - national importance, Grade II* - regional importance, or Grade II - locally important. The 'listing' of buildings is undertaken by the Government's Department of Culture, Media and Sport, following consultation with English Heritage.

Listed Building Consent is required to demolish a listed building or for any alteration or extension that would alter its character. Unauthorised works to a listed building is an offence. We are responsible for considering applications for Listed Building Consent.

If you wish to do works to a building which is listed you may need to complete the following form:

Application for listed building consent

Government advice can be viewed in the Government's Planning Practice Guidance.

Please remember that planning permission may also be required for alterations to listed buildings. Please contact us for more information.

Information about Runnymede's statutorily listed buildings, locally listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments and historic parks and gardens can be found in the documentIcon for pdf Runnymede Borough Council Listed Buildings [690.39KB]

Local List

The Local List includes buildings and structures in addition to those on Historic England's national list. The Local List includes heritage assets that are considered to be locally important. Whilst these assets are not statutorily designated and do not provide additional planning controls, they can be a material consideration when determining planning applications. 

Purcell were appointed by the Council to update the Local List. A consultation on the Local List took place from 13 May until 24 June 2019. A summary of these responses can be found here Purcell responses to Local List [53.0KB].

The Local List was adopted by Runnymede Planning Committee on Wednesday 11 September 2019. A low resolution copy of the updated list can be found below:

Icon for pdf Runnymede Local List_03_July_2019_Low_Res [4.19MB]

If you require a high resolution copy of the Local List, please contact:

The Council is currently updating its records and maps to include the approved updated Local List.

Trees in conservation areas

In conservation areas, notice is required for works to trees that have a trunk diameter of more than 75mm when measured at 1.5m from ground level (or more than 100mm if reducing the number of trees to benefit the growth of other trees).

You have to give the Council six weeks' notice before carrying out work on trees which are located in a conservation area but are not yet the subject of a tree preservation order. This gives us an opportunity to consider whether an order should be made to protect the trees.

If you need to notify us of proposed tree works in a conservation area, please complete the following form:

Form to notify the Council of tree works in a conservation area

Urban Character Appraisal

Please refer to the downloads section of this page to find out more about the rest of the Borough's urban areas.

Information on Conservation Areas.