Booking and using the Yellow Bus service

The Yellow School Bus service that operates in Runnymede is unusual in England. Council staff organise routes, oversee the service and liaise with businesses to obtain sponsorship. Parents and guardians, the council, schools, students and the bus operator share responsibility for the safety and efficiency of the service.

Information for parents and guardians


To book a place on the service, please contact the secondary school your child attends to register, giving as much notice as possible. The school will issue a pass and wallet to your child.

  • You'll then need to pay fares to the school half-termly in advance. You may lose your place if fares aren't paid within a week of the start of each half term, unless you've made other arrangements with the school.
  • When the school receives payment, it will issue a ticket for your child to show when boarding the bus.
  • If you no longer wish to use the service, you'll need to notify your school in writing.
  • Homeward-only journeys are only permitted on an occasional basis, if space is available. These must be arranged and paid for on the day at school.


We can offer discounts for siblings taking the same bus to the same school. We can't offer other concessionary fares as this service is already heavily subsidised.

Code of practice

Please ensure your children understand the Yellow Bus code of practice and their responsibilities as passengers.
It's also important to let the school know about any safety concerns, bullying or bad behaviour.


Students need to have valid passes and tickets in order to travel.
Passes without tickets will be accepted during the first week each half term only, to allow schools time to issue tickets.


Please inform the school and Yellow Bus control if your child won't be using the service, whether temporarily or permanently. We can't refund fares for an absence owing to illness or if you've not notified the school in writing that you no longer need the service.

Lost property

Contact Martin Cutler at Yellow Bus control on 07875 347836.

Booking for school trips and emergency contact

For booking school trips and emergencies, contact Shirley Edwards.

Emergency only contact 9am to 5pm 

School responsibilities

Each school will:

  • issue Yellow Bus passes to students registered to use the service
  • collect fares in advance from parents or students and issue tickets and passes
  • register student absences and inform Yellow Bus control if a child won't be travelling or hasn't used the service unexpectedly
  • maintain a list of students registered to use the service and inform Yellow Bus control of any changes
  • deal appropriately with behaviour problems on the buses or at bus stops
  • organise appropriate changes to buses and bus stops when students change address

Please contact us or child's your school if you wish to discuss any aspect of this service.

  • Runnymede Borough Council Yellow Bus contact: 01932 838383
  • Jubilee High School: 01932 884800
  • Salesian School: 01932 582544