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Information on matters concerning hackney carriages and private hire vehicles - such as changes in procedures, consultations, fees and policies. A PDF file will appear for each new monthly update.

Pre-booked only door signs

You will hopefully be aware of the recent introduction of a requirement to display magnetic door signage on private-hire vehicles containing the wording 'PRE BOOKED ONLY' as from 31 December 2017.

If you are an operator who has complied with the requirement thank you for your timely co-operation, this is merely to keep you up to date.

Unfortunately some operators have not taken notice of the information.

Operators who have not yet introduced this signage may be subject of enforcement action in the form of prosecution or suspension of their operator's licence.

Private hire vehicles that do not have the signage displayed may have their vehicle licence suspended immediately.

Private hire vehicles will not be plated if they do not have the required door signage.

The requirement states the wording should be 'clear, legible and distinguishable from any other signage'. and must be approved by the licensing authority before use.

For further advice or guidance on this please contact the licensing section.

Enforcement operation

Another successful joint taxi-enforcement operation was held between Transport for London (TfL) and Runnymede Borough Council

This was the third action day of 2017 and more are planned next year.

Three TfL officers and two Runnymede officers worked together on Wednesday, 25 October, and a total of 29 hackney carriages/private-hire vehicles were stopped and inspected in the Egham and Virginia Water area .

Of these, nine were licensed by Runnymede, 19 by TfL, and one by Windsor and Maidenhead.

TfL officers suspended three of their vehicle licences immediately for:

  1. tyre condition
  2. illegal livery on the vehicle 
  3. illegal vehicle modification

In addition two TfL drivers were reported for failing to wear their driver's badge.

Runnymede licensing officers had to ask one driver to get their car cleaned, one to replace a first-aid kit, and another to attend the Civic Centre to replace a non-standard plate.

Runnymede Borough Council sets high standards for licensed drivers and vehicles so it is important they know they will be held to account if these are not met.

New HC/PH bays in Addlestone

Icon for pdf Addlestone One registration form [154.52KB]

DBS Checks

We now have an online DBS procedure, please see the guidance for full details. This will provide an improvement to the DBS process and overall turnaround time of applications. This is accomplished by removing most of obstacles which delay applications:

  • Hand writing legibility
  • Errors on forms
  • Missing or incomplete information
  • Delayed or lost post
  • Transcribing of applicant details onto DBS system


Assistance Dogs

Under the Equality Act 2010, licensed drivers of taxis and private hire vehicles are under a duty to carry passengers with guide, hearing and other assistance dogs without additional charge. Drivers can apply for to the Council for a certificate exempting them from carrying assistance dogs on medical grounds. Runnymede will take any refusal to carry assistance dogs very seriously.

To highlight the issues those with assistance dogs face we have please read the Guide Dog Association web page which gives the full story.Guide Dog information

The Guide Dogs Association has produced a video to help drivers understand the needs of people with assistance dogs, please make yourself aware of these very useful tips.


The law regarding seatbelts can be confusing and there are some exemptions for taxis and private hire vehicles, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) produce a useful guide to this.Seat belt law


These are held three times per year alternating between Chertsey and Egham. Their purpose is to enable better communication between the licensing officers and the trade by having a two way flow of information and ideas. Your attendance is very welcome.

The latest forum was on 21 November 2017.  The notes from this can be found below.

The Forum dates for 2018  are shown below, please note that all forums are now held on a Wednesday

Egham Hythe - The Hythe Centre - 14 March 2018

Chertsey - Chertsey Halls - 11 July 2018

Egham Hythe -  The Hythe Centre - 7 November 2018

All forums start at 11am and  end at 12.15pm.

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