Recycling clothes could save up to £4m and the environment

Don't throw out the towel or banish your boots just yet; recycle them.


The lead-up to summer is when many of us refresh our wardrobes and replace old clothes and home textiles.

But don't throw out the towel or banish your boots just yet; recycle them and help save money and the environment.

Simply put your dry textiles in a standard sized carrier bag and tie it.

The bag needs to be next to your food-waste caddy (or by the side of your refuse or recycling bin) by 6am on your collection day.

Please ensure you do not use charity bags or a black bag as we cannot see if these contain textiles.


Examples of textiles we can collect include:

  • clothes in any condition
  • pairs of shoes
  • curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases
  • blankets and towels.

We cannot accept:

  • wet textiles
  • single shoes
  • duvets and pillows
  • rugs and carpets
  • anything too large to fit in a plastic carrier bag.

All clothes and home textiles including towels, sheets, pairs of shoes, bags and socks can be recycled.

They are either sorted to be used again in the UK and abroad or recycled into new products such as stuffing, felt or insulation. However, stuffed items such as pillows, cushions and quilts cannot be recycled. 


According to figures from Surrey County Council, if all clothes and home textiles the county were recycled it could save up to £4 million.

To find out more about recycling clothes and home textiles and to find the location of your nearest textiles recycling bank, download the Recycle for Surrey app or visit

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