Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects affecting Runnymede

These projects, if they progress, will follow a streamlined progress for decision making for major infrastructure projects operated by the Planning Inspectorate, the government agency responsible for examining applications in the National Infrastructure Planning system.  This means some large scale infrastructure development within Runnymede will be considered by national Government rather than Runnymede Borough Council.
Details of how the process works can be found on the Government website.
The Planning Inspectorate have published a short film to explain the process which may be helpful to residents and the local community.

Runnymede Council is expected to be involved in the following Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects:

Several proposals for improving southern rail access to Heathrow Airport are being promoted, many of which will be hosted in or have impacts on Runnymede. The Department for Transport has made an invitation for proposals to delivery southern rail access so that they can be considered in the summer of 2018.
The Southampton to London Pipeline Project, being run by Esso, seeks to replace an existing aviation fuel pipeline between the Fawley Refinery near Southampton, to the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow.
Highways England is seeking development consent for proposals to improve the M25 junction 10/A3 Wisely interchange.