Helping residents reduce their heating bills

Heat Surrey

Applications from more than 300 households were received as part of the ECO Flex government funding scheme managed by Runnymede Borough Council.

The aim of the project, run in partnership with Happy Energy, is to help either low income or vulnerable residents out of fuel poverty through energy efficiency measures.

These can include gas and liquid petroleum gas boiler upgrades, heating control upgrades and insulation measures.

By the end of August 2018, 143 replacement boiler installations were provided to residents within the private sector for households with old, inefficient boilers.

A  further 111 boilers are due to be installed before the winter heating season sets in. 

At an average cost of £2,000 per boiler that is more than £500,000 in value of assistance to our residents with an estimated £3.5million in lifetime customer savings on their bills (source: savings figures taken from Ofgem ECO scores).

Runnymede updated the qualifying criteria for the ECO Flex grant scheme in June 2018.

This means you do not need to be on benefits to qualify for the grant and the annual household income  is now set at £35,000 after tax, national insurance, mortgage/rent costs, energy costs and council tax have been deducted.

All applications are subject to survey and availability of government grant funding.

Some ECO Flex grants for heating, loft and cavity wall insulation may still be available.

Currently there is no funding for external wall insulation. 

Heat Surrey

Please contact Happy Energy on our HEAT Surrey project or call 01784 653635 to discuss the opportunities for assistance.

We anticipate the launch of central governments next period of funding under ECO3 2018-2022 will start soon and run until 31 March 2022. 

We will publicise the grant opportunities to our residents as soon as this is available. 

Our Heat Surrey section contains information on how residents can reduce their energy bills.


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