How to prevent and deal with antisocial behaviour over the Christmas season

Party season - how to enjoy it without causing a nuisance to your neighbours


They say it's the little things that make the biggest difference, and that's never truer than when it comes to curbing antisocial behaviour.

Take parties as an example.

These can be Christmas get-togethers, bank holiday celebrations, landmark birthdays or just an excuse to let your hair down with friends.

While this can certainly be a fun time for many; for others it can be a cause of stress and misery.

Runnymede's antisocial behaviour team has put together a guide on how to have a good time, without letting it spill over and cause a nuisance to others.

If you are planning to throw a party, think of the little things you can do to make it better and more enjoyable for everybody.

∙             DO let your neighbours know you are having a party, tell them what time it will go on till and stick to this time

∙             DO make sure music is played at an acceptable level and cannot be heard outside of your property past 11pm

∙             DO NOT let your visitors park in a way that obstructs road users or pedestrians

∙             DO NOT park in anyone's driveway

Runnymede Borough Council wants all its tenants to enjoy the holiday period and asks residents to consider their neighbours at all times, but especially at this time of year.


Rubbish - Disposing of rubbish correctly

It is illegal to fly tip at any time of year. It is a breach of the terms of your tenancy.

But the temptation can grow during the holidays as we often end up eating more than usual and producing excess rubbish from things such as wrapping paper, packaging from children's toys, and bottles.

Tenants must dispose of their rubbish appropriately.

Runnymede Borough Council's antisocial behaviour team works closely with Environmental Health officers to deal with flytippers robustly.

For more information on how to dispose of your household waste visit:


What to do if you're suffering from antisocial behaviour over the holiday season - know who to contact and when

You have the right to enjoy your home in peace, quiet and safety.

If you are experiencing inconsiderate behaviour from neighbours, there are steps you can take.

If the person causing the nuisance is a council tenant, our antisocial behaviour team can support you.

The first thing you should do is talk to the person involved, if you feel it is safe to do so.

Discuss the problem with them and see if you can come to an agreement.

During office hours you can also contact Jenny Tilling, Antisocial Behaviour Officer on 01932 425819 or email

If the person is causing nuisance outside of office hours and they are a council tenant, call the Respect Line on 0800 075 6699. They are open overnight, on the weekends, and on the festive bank holidays too.

A trained member of staff can listen to your problem and reassure you. They will take details of the problem and ensure this information is passed onto the Antisocial Behaviour Team within 24 hours by emailing it to the Antisocial Behaviour Team before 9.00a.m..Please note there may be a delay in the team responding to the report over the holiday period during office closures.

If the person causing the nuisance is not a council tenant then use our online form to report the matter when it will be dealt with by the Community Safety Officer.

If you are frightened and fear that you may be verbally or physically abused, you should contact the police on 101 for a slow time response or 999 in an emergency.  

North Surrey Mediation

If you'd like to discuss the problem with your neighbour but don't know how to approach them or want support to do so, Mediation North Surrey can help.

Mediation North Surrey Service can help with problems involving noise, boundaries, children, abuse, pets, parking, rubbish and antisocial behaviour.

The impartial service aims to reach an amicable solution.

Those interested should contact Mediation North Surrey or Runnymede Borough Council, Mediation North Surrey on  0870 751 4311 or email:

For more information visit


Who to contact if you are suffering from domestic abuse

Financial pressures can be an enormous cause of stress whatever the time of year.

That pressure is amplified at Christmas and other holidays as we spend more time with family, often coupled with increased alcohol consumption.

This cocktail can cause friction which may lead to domestic abuse.

If you are suffering and would like to talk to someone telephone the free 24hour National Domestic Violence helpline on 0808 2000 247.


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