Relief for residents as antisocial drug den closed.


Success for Runnymede Borough Council as a problem property is shut down after a closure order was served by Surrey Police on an Addlestone address.

Working together with Surrey Police and bailiffs, officers executed a warrant of eviction at 12 Rickman Crescent on Tuesday 29 January following repeated instances of serious antisocial behaviour, including use and supply of drugs.

The two-bedroom property, occupied by a Runnymede Borough Council tenant and her partner, had a significant detrimental impact on the community. The Antisocial Behaviour included supply of Class A drugs from the property, and incidents of people arguing and fighting in the street and inside the property. 

The tenant's partner was convicted of a number of Burglary offences on 28 June 2018 which allowed the Council to seek possession of the property using absolute ground for possession under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

On 7 December 2018 Surrey Police obtained a partial closure which resulted in closing the property to everyone but the tenant. On 18 December a 21 day possession order was obtained and when the tenant failed to offer up possession the council attended with bailiffs and Surrey Police to carry out the eviction.

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