Un-allocated Strategic Development in and adjoining Runnymede

Fairoaks Airport

The owners of Fairoaks Airport in Surrey Heath, and adjacent open land in Runnymede are proposing to develop their land for a new community.

This is a cross-boundary application and so an identical planning application has been submitted to Surrey Heath Borough Council and they have a dedicated Surrey Heath Borough Council Fairoaks Airport page.

Current status: RU.18/1615 - withdrawn. A hybrid application:

a) Full application for means of site accesses (including alterations to existing accesses and a new road junction onto the A320);

b) Outline application (all matters reserved) for the phased development of the site for up to 1,000 residential units (C3) and elderly care (C2); and, a total of 62,675sqm of non-residential floorspace, comprising employment (B1,B2B8), education (D1), retail (A1-A5), leisure and community (D1/D2) and a hotel (C1); and a strategic parkland and Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) with associated car park. The change of use of Blister Hanger (aviation to equestrian), The Pillbox (aviation to D1), Gamekeeper's Cottage (agricultural to equestrian), the retention of Woking Lodge (C3) and the retention of the Kennels (Sui Generis) and the phased demolition of all other existing buildings. Provision of supporting infrastructure, helipad and associated facilities, re-provision of existing equestrian buildings, open space and landscaping, visitor centre, associated vehicular and other access routes and related highway works.

Land at and north of 124 Green Lane, Addlestone

Current status: RU.19/0011 (outline planning application) - under consideration

For the demolition of existing buildings and development for up to 240 residential dwellings, including public open space, community room, vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access, together with landscaping, nature conservation areas and associated matters (with access, landscaping, layout and scale to be determined under this outline application).