What we are doing

We became aware that some of our systems were not adequate and had been working to address this before the regulator approached us. Since being contacted by the regulator's office, we have worked closely with them and will continue to do so, ensuring that tenants' health and safety is our first priority. We have already put in place a series of measures which have been recognised by the regulator.

Throughout the weeks and months ahead we will continue to fix the issues identified to achieve full Home Standard compliance, and also to rebuild the trust tenants place in us as their landlord.

Different homes are affected in different ways, and some are not affected at all, but we have written to all tenants to explain each home's position.

Examples of improvements put in place to rectify this situation include:

  • A survey of all homes the Council owns is currently under way (known as the stock condition survey), and our staff may already have visited you.
  • A new contract for electrical certification work has already been issued and testing is in progress across homes.
  • All fire risk assessments required are in place and there is an annual programme for all affected properties. Some homes have had follow up work carried out already, others are scheduled to do so, depending on the findings of each individual assessment.
  • Our record keeping system has been upgraded to provide better information until a new system can be installed.
  • New IT systems which will allow improved record keeping and alerting are being prioritised as part of a Council-wide review of systems.
  • A refurbishment of Surrey Towers is being proposed.