Message from our senior leaders

Dear tenant,

The issues identified by the Regulator of Social Housing are serious, but please be reassured we have them in hand and have been working towards ensuring all your homes are properly certified and comply fully with the Homes Standard.

As issues have been raised we have sought to ensure your health and safety is our primary consideration. We have already taken significant steps to improve, which has been recognised by the regulator.

I would like to apologise for a lack of past oversight which has led us to this point, but now we are aware of the issues, I can promise we are focusing our resources on fixing them, and creating new systems and processes to ensure we fully meet the regulator's expectations as soon as possible.

Chris Stratford, Interim Director of Housing


Dear tenant,

There have clearly been failings over a number of years which have brought us to today's announcement, and I shall be calling for a series of reviews to assess and learn from these events. However, our primary focus must be to immediately address these issues and improve standards in your homes and our management processes.

Since being appointed as Chair of the Housing Committee this year, I have been working with senior management to ensure systems and resources are sufficient to enable us to provide a housing service that residents deserve and should rightly expect. I have been clear that we can never allow our work to fall into the state which has brought us here.

Much work has already been done, but more is still required to meet the regulatory standards and rebuild the trust of our tenants. I wish to assure you achieving this is my clear priority, and that of the housing department, in the weeks and months ahead.

Cllr Jacqui Gracey, Chair, Runnymede Borough Council Housing Committee