Changes to your rent from April 2020

Why has my rent gone up?

Government regulations have changed and from April 2020, Councils are allowed to increase tenants' rent by (CPI)+1%. The CPI figure announced by the government was 1.7%. Therefore, the increase we are applying is 2.7%. Rental income is important as it impacts on our ability to maintain our housing stock and neighbourhoods. Therefore, following a period of four years when rents had to be reduced in line with Government regulations, the Council is now able to bring in additional income to fund works identified in Stock Condition Surveys such as upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, replacement window and door programmes and refurbishment of communal areas in blocks of flats.

Worried about your rent increase?

If you are worried about the increase in your rent, please contact your Area Housing Manager who can signpost you for additional support, including money management and debt advice. A referral could be made to our in-house Tenant Support Officer, to other agencies or to on-line resources that could help you.

Housing & Neighbourhood Services01932 838383

How much is my rent going up?

Rents are increasing by 2.7% and we have written to every tenant to confirm what your new rent will be from Monday 6th April 2020.

Rents for garages are increasing by 50p per week (exclusive of VAT).

What if I can't afford the increase?

Our priority is to support tenants to keep their tenancies.

It is essential that tenants pay their rent on time and in advance and our preference is that you pay by Direct Debit as you would with other household bills.

However, if the rent increase is impacting on your ability to pay you must take action to prevent arrears building up. This might include examining your household expenditure as a whole, identifying areas where you could make savings. You could use online budgeting tools such as the Money Advice Service's budget planner to help manage your finances. Remember, rent is a priority household bill, if you don't keep up your payments you may risk losing your home.

If you claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit

If you claim Universal Credit (UC), please report this change to the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) on, or as soon after 6th April 2020 as possible. Universal Credit claimants may get a notification called "updating your housing costs". Notifying the DWP of the change in housing costs is the responsibility of the claimant. 

If you claim Housing Benefit, you do not need to contact the Housing Benefit team, they will write to you to confirm your entitlement.